The world as a single body

In cyberspace, we tend not to think about the process that brought us to where we are today, we dont think about how there once wasn’t a cyberspace (shock). We forget that there once wasn’t ‘the internet’. We’ve become so accustomed to the fact that our handheld devices and the world wide web has taken control over our lives.

The way in which we transmit and send information or matter just through a few taps on a keyboard and the click of a button is nothing short of incredible. We’ve transformed from sending dots and dashes to being able to video call in high resolution. The sending and recieving of matter is largely due to the development of technology and how we are always trying to improve resources.

As a society, we have become so accustomed to the development and improvement of our devices that we anticipate it. The sentences ‘I’m waiting for the new one to come out before I upgrade’ and ‘I’ll get the new one when they create it’ are thrown around daily. Whereas look back 50 years and telecommunication wasn’t even created.

The world is a nervous system and when something revolutionary happens it flips it on its head. Cyberspace has become such a norm that everyone can’t imagine a life without it. However, when the first telegraph was introduced, a woman couldn’t grasp the fact that she could send messages to her son through the telegraph but not send him soup. The telegraph caused a dramatic shift in the world’s perception which demonstrates the likeness of the world as a nervous system. Jason Silva states in a conference in 2013 “… technology is evolving so fast. Exponentially so, in fact, and we’re so swept up in it that our expectations are so high, yet very few people ever step back and go, “Wow! Look at the big picture and think big.”

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  • A Short History of the Internet by Bruce Sterling
  • Open Culture and the Nature of Networks