Waitressing Nightmares #1

Heeeeeeelloooo! I hope everyone is having a great day, my week was fairly average and I’ve been non stop thinking about the last post I made and how I want to kind of lighten the mood.

I’ve been working in the hospitality industry for 7 years now, started at the local Pizza Shop to now a semi fine dining restaurant I have dealt with my fair share of shitty customers. From angry footy lovers yelling at me over the phone that their pizza has the wrong sauce, to having a groomsman at a wedding throw his wine on me when I wouldn’t serve him anymore, to having a middle aged man slap my ass, I’ve survived it all!

So, without further ado, welcome to my worst waitressing experiences.

My first proper waitressing/ bartending job was in an old style English pub where it was a bistro deal, so there was no table service. You had to order at the bar and we would bring the food to you. I would also like to acknowledge that while some chefs can be the nicest people you will ever meet, some can also essentially be worse than Satan.

The Head Chef at this pub had his favourites and I definitely wasn’t one of them even though I worked there for 2 years. Now I’m only going to talk about one incident with this man as there are MANY (which was honestly workplace bullying but don’t worry, he was sacked, sadly not when I worked there). This chef was a middle aged man who I think thrived on making people cry (And throwing the odd pan at ya head but that’s a day in the life of a waitress in some cases).

I came in for an 8 hour shift and I was to be working on several functions that day and I came from my first job where I think I had already worked 8 hours (hospitality am i right). I had my hair in braids for my first job and decided to take the braids out and just put my hair in a ponytail for work at the pub which was how I normally wore it.

Now, I’m sure a lot of you have some curly hair after having braids in for 8 hours (I can’t be the only one). I had been working on a function for I reckon two to three hours and I had walked into the kitchen to ask how far away the main course was. This Head Chef turned and YELLED at me for how my hair was and how “I’m a disgrace to this business coming to work presented like that” and how “If a customer complains about hair in their food, I’m dragging you out to them to show them who the culprit is”. This was followed by “Go and fix your hair and don’t even think about coming back into my kitchen before you do”.

Of course, being EXHAUSTED from already working 10 hours and having worked a 65 hour week, I wasn’t afraid of death and I didn’t fix my hair. Consequently, he didn’t bring it up again with me but who’s to say he didn’t have a whinge to a supervisor which probably told him the logical thing in that ‘Kathryn’s hair is in a ponytail the only difference is her hair is curly’.

Sometimes this chef would be nice (ONLY SOMETIMES) but it would come like once in the day and randomly he would realise he’s been too okay and would just have a go at someone. To this day I wonder if he thinks how stupid he sounded yelling at me for having my hair in a ponytail. Probably not.

Whoever says wait staff don’t work hard enough (and back of house!) are honestly, full of shit.

I’m thinking I might make this a bit of a series because I have got some horrors let me tell YOU. Thought I would start little and work my way up to the bad stuff.

Have a great weekend xxx