My (very minor) existential crisis

Hi Everyone,

Recently I received feedback from an interview that I had had for a media assistant position and although I had applied for it a while ago and I had gotten another job offer, I still went for the interview. The two girls that interviewed me were lovely, I was late due to train issues and that I was going into the heart of Sydney straight from where I work (about an hour away) but they were fine with it. I think because of my train mishap I was already quite flustered and stressed when I entered the interview.

Anyway, I wont bore you with the details. The interview ended and they told me that they would let me know on Friday if I got the job, they did however mention that they had an important lunch on Friday too so I wasn’t sure it was definitely going to be Friday. I sent a follow up email (employers love this, it shows determination) and part of me knew that I hadn’t gotten the job, which is fine. In my follow up email I asked for feedback, which I believe is important because you can sit through a thousand interviews and get rejected a thousand times but if you don’t ask for feedback, when are you going to get the offer?

Her response hit me a lot harder than I thought it was if I’m honest. She was very lovely!! But she did say I lacked confidence and that it was something that needed to be worked on if I was to thrive in the industry (marketing). I’m honestly quite an outspoken person and am not shy when it comes to making friends but boy does that change in a work environment.

When I first start at any job, I am nauseatingly shy. It takes me about 3 weeks to a month to warm up to everyone and honestly the change is generally overnight. One day I’ll be silent and focused on working and the next I’ll be chatting to everyone, engaging in some banter and looking very comfortable (Pretty bloody different hey!).

I’m trying to figure out how I can combat this social anxiety, I know it has to do with confidence and I often watch others and see how confident they are in their jobs and how they carry themselves. I’ve recently been trying the whole ‘Fake it ’til you make it’ tactic in that I just pretend to be confident in what I’m saying and I’m hoping that I’ll just get to the point that I won’t be pretending anymore.

My boyfriend tells me that I need to pretend I have the same amount of confidence as him (easier said than done as he is very confident). But I’ve decided that I need to believe in my ability more, as if I don’t believe in my ability to do a job than why would anyone else?

Sorry for the weird existential crisis post but I think this post was very much something I needed to get off my chest.

Hope everyone has a happy day xx


PS. If you interview for a job ALWAYS send a follow up email! They love it and it puts you that little bit ahead as it shows how keen you are xx