See you later 21

Hi everyone!!

I’m turning 22 on Friday and I thought in light of this I would reflect on all the things I did in my ‘milestone year’.

I first want to say that being 21 has been great but its not the age that’s made my last year great. I didn’t go to the USA which I think everyone who isn’t Australian thinks is what we do (to be fair though a lot of people do go to America when they turn 21).

2018-2019 has been a huge year for me as I’ve finally finished my uni degree, went onto an unrestricted driving licence, learned how to ski, traveled a bit of Australia (Tasmania & Melbourne) and I essentially did everything that I wanted to do.

The skiing was a big jump for me as I don’t tend to try new things or do anything out of my comfort zone. Realistically, It’s something that I have wanted to try but never had the balls to do. Meeting my boyfriend Mitch in 2017 and ‘officially’ dating at the end of that year (we’d been seeing each other for months, the officially is just a technicality), meant that I had to learn to ski. His whole family are the epitome of ‘snow bunnies’ meaning that when winter starts all they can think about is snow. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that!


Me & My Boyfriend at Perisher.

I was lucky in that they were very willing to teach me how to ski and were incredibly patient.  I’ve also started recreational reading again as I’ve spent the last four years buried in textbooks on marketing statistics and strategies. I’ve always found reading incredibly calming, it also helps with my nerves as I’m prone to getting stress rashes and being able to read stress free has helped a lot. I’ve already read 2 of the Harry Potters!

Another thing I’ve achieved is completing my bachelors degree. When I received my documents you can imagine I was beyond thrilled, but I didn’t realise the rumours were true in that I had an overwhelming urge to apply for a masters degree. It’s something that I think i’ll still do, but perhaps when I’ve gotten experience and when I’ve paid off that pain in the pits of my tertiary education called a HECS debt. For now, it’s nice to have a break from studying, and it’s nice to know that all my hard work hasn’t been for nothing.

I think one thing  that this past year has taught me is that you should always be challenging yourself and trying new things in that you never really know what might spark your interest!

To conclude, 22 will be a year of work and also just kinda chilling out, and NO STUDYING (maybe leave that for 23?).

My next post will probably be about how badly I sang at karaoke on friday!

Until then, be kind.

Kathryn xx


My Views on V-Day

Isn’t love grand?

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day happening yesterday and of chocolate being half price in supermarkets today I thought it would be an idea to write my views on the holiday.

When I was single I hated the holiday. I was a Valentines Day Grinch if you will. I hated it not just because it celebrated love and I didn’t have any (apart from my dog). I hated that a lot of people used it as a means that they needed to show someone that they cared. I found it insane that people would wait for this special day so that they could finally tell their crush that they liked them.


I also didn’t like the concept of giving roses on Valentine’s Day, only because I received some from my ex when I was 16, and he didn’t think about the fact that I don’t even like roses and I can guess I’m not the only one who doesn’t like them.

Not to mention I thought this whole holiday was a sales ploy to convince people buy chocolates and flowers, book an expensive dinner out, organise a whole romantic night for their significant other just to drive up sales in that industry.

I genuinely had this belief that you didn’t need a day to show someone that you cared about them, if you care about someone you should show them every day.

Now fast forward 4-5 years…

I literally used Valentines Day as an excuse to buy my boyfriend something. I’ve always been a particularly independent person and even in a relationship I don’t expect anything from my boyfriend. All I want is him to love me (which he does).

I bought him socks with my dogs face on them and I even signed it “Love Pippa xoxo” (my dog).  Yeah, I know, I’m pretty fricken lame.

I only did this because I thought he would appreciate it and I wanted to do something for him (not just because of V-Day). I also thought he would appreciate the humour in it as every time he says hes coming over he says hes coming to visit his other girlfriend.

My dog is OBSESSED with him.

Now that I’m older I essentially view Valentine’s day as an excuse to do something nice for your partner, and to be quite honest I’m a lot happier this way.

I hope everyone felt some love yesterday, I definitely hope you all felt self love.



P.S. He bought me a pyjama set that I had wanted for months if you’re curious.