Lil update

Hello and Happy new year everyone!

I hope everyone had a safe new year. I spent mine with no power or reception on the NSW South Coast while there was bush fires 6-10km away from me. While I was definitely one of the better off people stuck on the south coast, it was still incredibly devastating to see the effects of the bush fires on this small coastal town. Businesses shut over the new year period due to no power (Unable to make money in a PEAK tourist time) and tourists being told to leave immediately.

In Australia and I’m sure many other parts of the world, power outages are fairly common. If we have a bad storm at my house we will lose power for 5-10 hours, so losing that wasn’t a great issue. Losing reception however was hard because we had no way to get information on the bush fires and how close they were to us. We found ourselves setting alarms every hour on the hour to listen to news updates on the car radio.

ANYWAY this isn’t a story about how you should feel bad for me, it has been hard living in Australia and not really knowing when the fires were going to stop and not having a proper summer has been upsetting but I am one of the lucky ones. My new years resolution is to learn how to drive manual and to improve my fitness, so I downloaded the Tammy Fit App. I’ll let you know how it goes!

I’ve been pretty absent on my blog and I promise it’s not through lack of trying! I have sooo many drafts of blogs I tried to post, I’ve just been feeling a bit blegh in myself and have actively been staying off socials to avoid any negativity. I think the fires have to do with this and I think everyone here has been feeling a little blegh. But we are on the mend, Fire fighters honestly are incredible workers.

I went to Europe in November to experience their winter (incredible) so keep an eye out for that post! This was a short post just to say I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New year.


Image: Smoke barreling towards the ocean. Taken by Me

What’s up with me

Hi guys,

I hope everyone has been well. I haven’t posted in ages and the only real excuse I have is that life just gets busy. During winter I was spending a lot of my weekends skiing and when I wasn’t skiing I was helping around the house to help my parents out. I’ve also been working on my own self care as I resigned from my second job two weeks ago and have decided to spend my now abundance of spare time doing things that make me genuinely happy. Things like watching netflix shows, playing with my dogs, going to the gym and reading, just to name a few.

One of the main reasons I’ve decided that I need to practice self care more is that I was recently diagnosed with Scoliosis Kyphosis. For those who don’t want to read the link, its a spinal curve both as a sideways ‘S’ shape and a forward spinal curve. A couple of my vertebrae essentially didn’t form properly, leading to these curves. It’s something that while it has definitely taken a toll on my self confidence, its not that major. The one relief I got out of the whole process was that there was a reason behind my chronic back pain.

Scoliosis is something that is generally spotted at an early age (pre-teen) but was missed with me. I had a specialist tell me that it was missed purely because I have managed to grow a centred torso, whereas a lot of patients will be slightly off to one side. In the words of the surprisingly blunt specialist “You’re quite centred, so I can understand why this has only been spotted at 22, others are quite unaesthetic”.

Those who are diagnosed at a young age can generally stop it from getting any worse, if you’re an adult though its a bit trickier and I was pretty much told that ‘it cant be fully straightened, but it can be prevented from getting any worse’ (yay me!).

I am in no means trying to organise a pity party for myself. I personally believe that admitting your challenges and discussing them with others is a pillar of self care. This is the card I have been dealt and that’s okay. I did a face mask and watched a rom-com, now I’m ready to face this challenge and move on. How are you practicing self care and what does it mean to you?

I’m off to the THIS THAT festival this weekend, hopefully have some nice pics to share then, for the time being enjoy this photo of me before going to Yours & Owls the beginning of October xx




Hey everyone!

Here is my updated ‘about me’, I hope you guys find me as interesting as I do.

My name is Kathryn and I’m a 22 year old (I want to say girl but should I say woman? Ew) from Sydney, Australia. I’m a self proclaimed extrovert but when it comes to talking about myself I really don’t know how to go about it, so lets see how this goes.

I’m the youngest of 5 along with my twin sister (not identical), I have 4 dogs who are all my babies. I work two jobs currently, one is as an Administrative & Marketing Assistant and the other is as a waitress. I’m a recent graduate who is now just trying to work and earn money so that I can comfortably transition into a lower paying graduate job. My goal is to become a marketing professional and work for a big brand company, I won’t say my first choice only because I still believe the whole ‘if you say it out loud it wont come true’ myth that was drilled in at birthdays from a young age.

My favourite books are probably the Harry Potter series, they’re just timeless and I feel that they appeal to all ages. I’ve read all the books three times so far since I was maybe in year 6 and every time I read them it’s mainly been because I haven’t been able to find a new book to read at that time.

I am however currently reading ‘I built no schools in Kenya’ by Kirsten Drysdale of which I highly recommend if you enjoy a wild ride.

I like to ski in winter and swim in summer (like a lot of people i’m sure) and I am a sucker for a nice cup of tea. I enjoy festivals more than concerts as it’s not as claustrophobic and festivals are a lot more economic.

My favourite festival that i’ve been to in regards to that would have to be Spilt Milk 2017 in Canberra. Lorde headlined and a bunch of my favourite bands played like the Jungle Giants, Winston Surfshirt and What so not. It was the best time with some of my favourite people.

I’m a big advocate for the environment, I do my best to reduce my carbon footprint. I use a keep cup every day, I use a wooden toothbrush, I always bring my own bags for grocery shopping, I very rarely use a plastic straw mainly because I haven’t been able to buy a metal one yet and I donate to environmental organisations.

Saving the planet is something I’ve become very passionate with and one day I hope to work for a not for profit in helping combat effects of climate change and plastic.

That pretty much sums me up, follow me to stay updated on my little adventures xxx

To learn more about climate change:



What I learned about travelling with my best friend

Recently I’ve been in a big mood of reflection, how did I get to where I am and whether I’m happy with the decisions I made to get to where I am. One big turning point in my life was when I decided to go on an overseas trip with my best friend (at the time). I think doing something like that is a huge commitment and also a huge trust exercise.

The whole trip was incredible and I loved every second, even the not so great moments were memorable. I did two tours, both with contiki (incredible). The main thing that I loved about travelling with Contiki was the other travellers I met along the way. At the end of a Contiki tour and I imagine the end of a TopDeck tour as well, they get you to fill out a survey of how you liked your trip and what was your favourite part and each tour I ticked ‘Other travellers’ as one of my highlights.

I met so many incredible people who I will never forget, all for different reasons.

Now, back to the point;

I travelled Europe with my best friend and when you commit to something like that with someone you connect so great with (but not in a romantic way) its a big deal. You book it with the knowledge you’ll probably argue and you try and decipher what would be the best way to conquer it. We decided that just giving each other space until we were over what we were angry about would be the best move however that wasn’t always the case.

Travelling with my best friend taught me that you may not be as similar as you thought you were. This of course isn’t a problem at all however spending so much time together it can be hard because you aren’t always on the same page.

Travelling with your best friend essentially translates to ‘travelling with your non-romantic partner’ you fight like a couple, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you make up as quickly as a couple. I am quite stubborn, and when I ‘know’ I’m right I won’t necessarily take into consideration what the opposing position has to say. Of course, my best friend knew this trait of mine.

At points of the trip, probably the hardest points for me, we would disagree on things and I could literally see how much this girl was growing to hate me. I’m not sure if I could’ve done one thing different to stop this from happening or what but honestly it was wrenching knowing that someone so important to you was developing such a strong dislike for you that there really was no reversing it.

It’s been nearly two years since this trip and the last time I spoke to this girl wasn’t last Christmas, but the Christmas before, and it wasn’t pleasant. I often think about how our friendship ended on many unanswered questions and how it ended on bad blood and essentially a divided friendship group. I don’t regret not being friends with this girl, but I regret how so many people managed to get involved and left many people not speaking.

Knowing this girl, it’s typical of her to want to make our break of friendship as public as possible. Her close friends don’t like me (which is fine) but what’s not fine is that their reason for not liking me is based on my ex best friend’s opinion of me. I know I can’t please everyone but not liking someone based on someone else’s opinion is absolute rubbish.

What I learnt most from travelling with my best friend is that I didn’t know what this girl REALLY was like at all. If you are planning on taking a trip with your bestie, please either think of a good way to overcome any differences that isn’t just leaving each other alone for a bit (C O M M U N I C A T I O N!!!) and simply think whether you can do it without wanting to rip each other’s heads off (to put it lightly).

I hope this post gives people a bit of help and guidance in whether or not travelling with their best friend would suit your personalities and whether you should do it in general. I know I looked at posts about travelling with your best friend before I went and I wish I had listened to them so if you read this and ignore it anyway, I know how you feel!

Hope everyone has a lovely day and safe travels xx


(Mykonos, 2017)