Update on Me and Uni

Hello everyone!

This blog began when I started university and I needed to blog as it was a part of the curriculum. Now, 3 years on and I graduated officially last Tuesday! I graduated with a Bachelor of Communications & Media Studies with a major in Marketing & Advertising (what a mouthful!).

I’m the youngest in the family (Not technically as I have a twin sister and she was born after me, but we both share the role of being the youngest), I am however the first amongst my cousins and siblings to graduate from University. As you can imagine, my parents were very proud of me. It’s been a very big week for me, my twin came down to watch me graduate and so did my big sister. My twin is definitely one of the biggest supports in my life and has always backed my decisions no matter how ridiculous or huge.


My boyfriend Mitch of course has been an absolute angel the whole time we’ve been together and I’ve been at uni. We met midway through my second year (also his second year) and we of course have both tried to help each other through the back end of our degrees.

He was able to help me more only because he did a Bachelor of Business with majors in International Business and Accounting and while I could help with his International Business subjects, I wasn’t much help in his accounting ones because I really just suck at maths. My way of helping was mainly just making him tea while he did assignments and doing his referencing, whereas he proofread the majority of my essays and research projects.

Anyway! I thought I would talk about where I am at now, as more of an update from my first ever post introducing myself.

When I started Uni at the University of Wollongong I had my heart broken maybe a month before. My first boyfriend had dumped me and I was at a complete loss of what to do with myself. I remember trying to focus on work and picking up any and every shift I could just to keep my mind off him. Looking back now, while we have no bad blood and I am in no means trying to paint a bad picture, he didn’t treat me well. We were very young and looking back now I genuinely think he only wanted to date me so that he get past and have that first relationship. I was willing to move mountains for him when he really wouldn’t move his car for me if I asked.

I started at Wollongong Uni looking for a clean slate, no one knew how much I was hurting and I was able to paint myself the way I wanted people to see me. I fell for UOW pretty quick, even when I hated my time studying at uni, I loved every second.

In my mid year break in my second year I went on a europe trip with my best friend. I love travelling and loved that trip as I met so many fantastic people, a lot of who I still talk to (not the previously mentioned best friend though). I came home and a week later I went to my (ex) best friend’s boyfriend’s 21st, where I met my now boyfriend.

I would like to say that it is an absolute breath of fresh air being with someone who would do anything to keep a smile on your face. I felt more wanted in the space of 2 months than I did in the year I was with my ex.

I think what I’ve learned in my time at uni is to never doubt my worth, both in work and relationships. I wish I had learned this ages ago as I wouldn’t have been with my ex for so long. At least it didn’t take me very long to get over!

Focus on self improvement and self betterment than trying to boost someone else’s confidence.



My Views on V-Day

Isn’t love grand?

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day happening yesterday and of chocolate being half price in supermarkets today I thought it would be an idea to write my views on the holiday.

When I was single I hated the holiday. I was a Valentines Day Grinch if you will. I hated it not just because it celebrated love and I didn’t have any (apart from my dog). I hated that a lot of people used it as a means that they needed to show someone that they cared. I found it insane that people would wait for this special day so that they could finally tell their crush that they liked them.


I also didn’t like the concept of giving roses on Valentine’s Day, only because I received some from my ex when I was 16, and he didn’t think about the fact that I don’t even like roses and I can guess I’m not the only one who doesn’t like them.

Not to mention I thought this whole holiday was a sales ploy to convince people buy chocolates and flowers, book an expensive dinner out, organise a whole romantic night for their significant other just to drive up sales in that industry.

I genuinely had this belief that you didn’t need a day to show someone that you cared about them, if you care about someone you should show them every day.

Now fast forward 4-5 years…

I literally used Valentines Day as an excuse to buy my boyfriend something. I’ve always been a particularly independent person and even in a relationship I don’t expect anything from my boyfriend. All I want is him to love me (which he does).

I bought him socks with my dogs face on them and I even signed it “Love Pippa xoxo” (my dog).  Yeah, I know, I’m pretty fricken lame.

I only did this because I thought he would appreciate it and I wanted to do something for him (not just because of V-Day). I also thought he would appreciate the humour in it as every time he says hes coming over he says hes coming to visit his other girlfriend.

My dog is OBSESSED with him.

Now that I’m older I essentially view Valentine’s day as an excuse to do something nice for your partner, and to be quite honest I’m a lot happier this way.

I hope everyone felt some love yesterday, I definitely hope you all felt self love.



P.S. He bought me a pyjama set that I had wanted for months if you’re curious.