Splendour in the Grass

Hello everyone!

What a glorious Wednesday it has already been! I got to work this morning and I already was waiting in the greenroom on Moshtix (ticketing website if you don’t know what it is) waiting to buy Splendour in the Grass tickets.


I try every year to get tickets to this event and something always seems to get in the way. Last year it was just sheer panic as I had the tickets but my hesitation led to Moshtix giving them to someone else. The year before I was going to be in Greece and the year before THAT I didn’t have anyone to go with. But THIS YEAR was my year!! The splendy gods were looking down on my boyfriend, his sister and I today and we managed to score ourselves tickets to the “Australian Coachella”.

I think one thing that you need to remember when buying festival tickets is to¬†not panic, I’m a definite worrier at best and let my nerves get the best of me. If you remain cool, calm and collected those tickets are as good as yours.

I’m already freaking out about what I want to wear and how I’m going to maintain my skincare regime while I’m camping (I use to do Scouts so I’m not afraid of camping, just don’t want my acne to creep up). But I am SO EXCITED to just experience the whole festival FINALLY. I won’t lie to you though, tickets were a lil pricey and I’m going to Europe in November so no one ask me to do anything because ya girl is saving (again).

I’m excited to finally see Childish Gambino (If he plays, After his disappearing act at Spilt Milk last year I’m a lil nervy). I’m also excited to visit Byron Bay as I’ve never been before. I’m thinking we’ll drive to Byron a couple of days before just so we can have a little explore. Also, when the festival finishes we have to get up super early to drive home straight away as they both have to drive to Jindabyne to go skiing for a week (which i am also very excited for).

Needless to say, with skiing and Splendour, this winter isn’t going to be a boring one! What are you excited for this winter?


Kathryn xx