My thoughts on working after high school & Camp America

Hi everyone! I hope we are well.

I’m just gonna dive right in here. I wanted to begin by saying that I have been reading a lot of camp america blogs recently and one thing that is noticeable in all blogs is that none of them are negative (except one that a girl had to fly back home sick). I also realised that these people who have written these blogs are between the ages of 18-22.

Working on these summer camps is something that I’ve honestly always wanted to do since I learned about it. I didn’t apply when I finished high school because I’d just gotten into my first ‘serious’ relationship and I had been accepted into university and was too scared to defer. This is mainly because my big sister dropped out of uni and if I did defer I think my parents would be terrified that I would never go back (4 years later I’m now a graduate yeehaw).

In conjunction with this, one thing that I’ll never understand is why teachers and parents put so much stress on students to go to university straight after high school.

Being one of those kids who did exactly what was expected of her and went to university directly after high school and who now has completed 17 years of schooling, but no life experience. I had to go vote the other day in the State election and despite all my years in education, I realised I was never taught how to vote. I find it outstanding that there are students who are fresh out of school ready to work overseas for 3 months. It shows confidence, determination and motivation. I just wish that I did it too.

It’s so important to figure out what you want in your own time. Don’t let the thoughts and beliefs of others impact how you want to feel and act. Students who take their time in discovering their passion are honestly students that I look up to. Whether it was a gap year you took after high school or in the middle of your degree, good for you! If you’re thinking about doing either of those options, good for you! If you’re like me and decided to finish your degree and have a cheeky 6 week overseas trip in the break, GOOD. FOR. YOU.

The one year I regret is the year I spent after high school at a university I didn’t want to go to in the first place in a relationship that made me unhappy. I’m just thankful that I’m in a really good place right now and I’m essentially just having FOMO of people who are going to work on the camps this summer.

Essentially, I think what i’m trying to say is live YOUR  best life. Not your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/parents/friends best life, just yours.

That’s all for today! Hope I didn’t bore everyone, here’s a photo that I took of the Tasmanian coastline just to finish on a nice note.


Kathryn xx

P.S. On reflection the only reason I didn’t do Camp America is because of my relationship I had just gotten into and of course, you always fall so flipping hard for your first love which is honestly a rip, first boyfriends suck.